April 25, 1997

Jural Society confronts what it believes is elected evil
Washington organization serves officials with document that outlines why it is only true government in state
Mike Johnston
Ellensburg Daily Record

Don't call Rodney Dale Strand a constitutionalist.

Strand, who formerly lived in Cle Elum and now lives in Peshastin near Wenatchee, is very concerned about having what he believes mislabeled, and is careful to first understand how the other person defines constitutionalist before allowing the term to be used.

Lloyd Smith, chairman of the Jural Society of the State of Washington, also said he's concerned about using the word. With the national media focusing on potentially violent anti-government groups, Smith takes pains to note the society does not advocate any kind of violence in its efforts.

Smith has, in past years, been confronted by federal authorities for violation of the federal revenue laws of the U.S. He was the target of a federal grand jury investigation and indictment process, but never was indicted. Smith also has been arrested for vehicle licensing problems. In fact, Strand, also a Jural Society member, had his home in Cle Elum seized by the Internal Revenue Service and sold for what the IRS claimed to be non-payment of taxes.

The men say they have been arrested and persecuted by the government for what they believe and practice. But Smith said in each of these incidents, both men provided information to authorities that "vindicated us from any criminality."

"We are trying to keep the peace by the law," Smith, 55, says. "We want to help our nation and state come back under the rule of law, and to get out from under the rule of men and the path that leads to being controlled by a government that's heading toward a one-world government."

Smith, of Pacific Beach in Grays Harbor, instead of bantering the word around would rather sit you down for a couple of hours and explain what's behind the constitutionalist movement and, more importantly, explain what's behind the Jural Society that meets monthly in Ellensburg.

He roughly estimates the Jural Society -- which he views as the only true government of the State of Washington by the people -- consists of about 70 people around the state who are active, and about 20 to 40 of that number come to the monthly sessions in Ellensburg. He estimates there are more than 500 in the state who have some acquaintance with the Jural Society and are supportive of at least some of its goals.

Strand remembers having up to 100 people at the monthly meetings a few years ago. The group grew out of a previous organization called Christian Citizens for Constitutional Government. In its early years, the group attempted to influence elected officials and try to help them realize their need to understand the U.S. and state constitutions and know their responsibility to uphold it.

But Smith said the group, now the Jural Society, came to the realization in January 1996 that, indeed, there was no lawfully constituted government "by the people." Citizens and government officials positively responding to the call of the Jural Society could be the "last chance for the people to establish true liberty and independence," Smith said.

"What we really have now is the law of man -- regulated anarchy -- with no values and no purpose," Smith said.

Strand, acknowledging he's passed his fifties in age, says what he stands for is the result of a long journey of discovery that continues every day -- a hard pathway of learning through the years, he says, about what really supports the basics of our American government.

"It's really not a belief, it's not a faith and it's not a philosophy," Strand said in a recent interview. "We're not talking fiction. We're talking about the facts of history and what we can clearly prove from documents and laws. It's all there in our state and national records for all to see. The people just need to know what they are reading."

He said the bottom line is the national and state government perpetuates a system where the people are forced to serve an ever-growing government that benefits a few, rather than fostering the true American experiment -- rooted in history, law and Biblical values -- where government serves all the people.

Strand, an engineer and surveyor, stressed repeatedly that he is not a spokesman for the Jural Society, a loosely knit group of citizens who are constantly researching constitutional law and historical documents in an effort to build their case that something has gone terribly wrong with our form of government. He points to Smith as the better spokesman.

Strand said the goals of the society are not destructive or violent, and do not seek to create an adversarial relationship with local and state government officials.

Strand said, above all, they don't want to be painted in the media with the same brush -- marking the Jural Society as an anti-government group. He said the society is not advocating violence or actions that would hurt people. He said they are not connected to any other group or so-called militias. He said "we are pro-government, but it must be a true government operating within the bounds and limitations of the Constitution."

"Our goal is to be a resource to our communities," Strand said. "We have and will probably keep meeting people who are resistant to us, who don't want to hear the truth. By presenting the truth we, at times, are putting ourselves in harm's way. We are presenting the facts and saying 'OK, let's talk about this. Let us help you.' That's what we are saying. We want to bring the facts to the people and allow the people to draw their own conclusions."

Smith says he wants local government officials to respond to the Jural Society's declarations and contact him. He wants the nation's government to begin the learning process as the society has and to begin putting government under God and the people.

Strand, a notarial officer for the group, said the society meets monthly in Ellensburg due to its central location in the state and its close access to major highways. Members come from all over: Spokane, Grays Harbor, Tacoma, Chelan County, and elsewhere. The group, which "freely meets" without compulsory membership, has been organized since 1980.

Currently, the Jural Society has been systematically serving a document to all law and justice officials in each of the state's 39 counties and to federal and state government officials, according to Smith. The document, called "Actual Notice of Protest and Declaration To A Candid World," outlines in 21 pages why the current state government is not lawfully constituted and why the Jural Society is the true government of the people in the state of Washington.

The Jural Society, in the document, calls on state government to recognize it as the only lawfully constituted government in the state.

Smith, a wood shake and shingle manufacturer, said if county and state authorities don't officially answer the declarations made in the document, then they are agreeing with the Jural Society -- Smith says then they would be saying they would rather continue their "fraudulent government."

Smith said the document, in essence, is like the Declaration of Independence -- declaring the society's independence and separation from what it believes to be a false government.

Strand acknowledged to truly understand the position of the Jural Society would take much study, just as it takes time and effort for anyone to gain competency in any trade or profession.

But, again, speaking of bottom lines, Strand said the U.S. government has strayed from the U.S. Constitution's basic tenets and has expanded beyond this foundational document to take on powers and rights that it shouldn't have -- powers that belong only to the people.

Smith said government was created by the forefathers to serve the people, but that effort has flip-flopped -- due to a series of federal edicts -- and, now, the people have been forced to serve big government.

God, he says, has granted certain inalienable rights to man, and these were merely restated in the U.S. Constitution.

Smith said power to an arm of the government can only come from the people, but presently the government's power is controlling the people. So actions taken by government, when outside what is permitted by the federal and state constitution, are fraudulent.

Thus, much of what we call state and federal government doesn't lawfully exist as something directly allowed to come into existence by the people, Smith reasoned. And if agencies, rules and regulations were created beyond the scope of the state and federal constitutions, then those don't lawfully exist either.

Smith said it follows that since certain state and federal offices were not lawfully created, then those positions are not lawfully constituted. He and the Jural Society's document being served on state and local county governments call those serving in elected positions as "pretenders."

Smith said he began his interest in the Jural Society in 1983 and that his efforts in the group are part of the "Lord's work."

Smith says the document being served on county officials shows how citizens, under the present form of government, are slaves and have not truly experienced freedom and liberty. He sees the growth and control of the federal government as headed toward the creation of a one-world government, and a one-world order -- the precursor of the coming of the anti-Christ.

In addition, Smith argues that Washington's state government is really only a provisional government, not the true government by the people and for the people, and its power and control is really coming from military rule.

"We are dealing in the facts," Smith said. "We, the people, are the rightful and lawful government. The Jural Society, as it is lawfully constituted, is the government as it was intended to be. When the Jural Society is backed by the Ecclesiastical Society -- the body of Christ Yeshua, the true church -- as it is in the state of Washington, the Republic, this provides for Christian welfare," he said.

"I am free and I live freely," Smith declared. "I don't live under the unlawful government and I hope other men will stand up and be free and not give up to the so-called government what they are responsible to do for themselves. The Bible says we are to stand up when evil exists and to confront it. The nation and our state has turned away from God and He will destroy us if we continue under the rule of man, instead of the rule of God."

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